Empower yourself. Build community. Be the catalyst to change.
CBD didn’t just change our life, it changed the lives of countless others ultimately touched by Green Compass. Like our founder Meredith - before she was able to help others, she needed to heal, help, and love herself first. Through her unwavering vision to spread the hope she found in hemp, she’s created an entrepreneurial opportunity for all the other visionaries, hope builders, heath changers, thought leaders, wellness shifters, and dream makers out there healing themselves and their own health.
Our community is made up of tens of thousands of Advocates worldwide. Advocating for their inspirational stories and healing journeys they found through hemp wellness. Advocating for others’ who have yet to experience true wellness. And advocating for others to get involved.
We’re making an impact. You can make one too.
5 Reasons to become an advocate
When you become an Advocate, you enter a global community of like-minded individuals. We take considerable measures to invest in our people through rich mentorships, ongoing personal development, and practical coaching programs.
We do hemp differently. You will have the opportunity to be one of the first to be the growth of Green Compass. There is no better timing than now to say yes. Whether you’re brand new to learning about hemp or you’ve been an advocate of hemp wellness for years, we equip our Advocates with the knowledge they need to help differentiate Green Compass from toxic farming practices and dubious health claims.
Our Advocates enjoy the flexibility and freedom of setting their own hours and creating extra income. For some, they love the thrill and responsibility of running their own businesses, and the honor of leading a team. With these opportunities available, you can truly make your own Advocate experience whatever you want it to be.
As a Green Compass Advocate, we help you succeed. You get all the tools to jumpstart your social selling business including a website, a special preferred customer program that builds loyalty, training kits and learning events.
We believe in hemp. And we believe in you. We advocate for our Advocates as we know you’re out there sharing the hope we have in hemp. We LOVE to celebrate your successes because we know what it’s like to be excited by great products!
Getting Started
There’s nothing quite like taking the first step of a new adventure. The excitement, trepidation, and anticipation of what lies ahead. This is why we partner you with your referring Advocate to walk alongside you as you begin your Advocate journey so you can rest assured, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way. And if you don’t have a referring Advocate? Don’t worry, we’ll assign you one to help you navigate your business. There are a few key steps to joining. Here’s how it works.
Step 1: Select & Get Your Kit
We’ve made starting a business affordable for everyone, whether this becomes your side-gig or main income stream. With three fantastic kits to choose from, there’s an option for everyone based on what’s best for you whether that’s going all-in on the Core Runner’s Kit or getting just the logistical pieces and online resources offered in the Basic Business Kit.
Balance and Restore Kit

Start your hemp wellness journey with collections that introduce you to the essentials. 


750mg Full Spectrum Fresh Mint
750mg Broad Spectrum Blood Orange and Vanilla,

  • Limoncello Jellies
  • Product Catalog
  • Opportunity Brochure
  • Core Workbook
  • 4 Discovery Sample Sets

*Does not include free back office fees

*Upgrades Not Available

Core Kit

Get your business off to a jump start with everything you need in one box.


  • 500 mg Broad Spectrum Blood Orange & Vanilla Tincture
  • 750 mg Full Spectrum Fresh Mint Tincture
  • Reduce Pain Cream
  • Sleep Boost
  • Brightening Pads
  • Limoncello Nano-Jellies
  • 4 Discovery Sample Packs

*Does not include free back office fees


Core Runner's Kit

Get your business off to a jump start with everything you need in one box.

  • 500 mg Broad Spectrum Blood Orange & Vanilla Tincture
  • 1000 mg Full Spectrum Fresh Mint Tincture
  • 500 mg Bacon Pet Tincture
  • Reduce Pain Cream
  • Sleep, Pain, Immune & Metabolism Boosts
  • Brightening Pads
  • Limoncello Nano-Jellies
  • Hydrate & Energize Powders
  • Bath Soaks (1 box)
  • 4 Discovery Sample Packs
  • 6 month back office fees


Basic Business Kit

Start your Business with Green Compass

  • Kit includes C.O.R.E Success Workbook, Product Catalog, 4 Discovery Sample packs,as well as access to the backoffice platform.
Step 2: Set Your Website Up

Once you’ve completed enrollment, we’ll set you up with a replica website and you'll be ready to go! From experience, our most successful Advocates are those who dive straight in and start learning and sharing. You'll find an array of business training resources in your virtual online office to help you get going.
Step 3: Attend a special ‘Getting Started’ Orientation

We believe if you want to go far, go together. We’re here to guide and support you from the start. Once you become an Advocate, you’ll be invited to join a Getting Started Right orientation call – making sure you’ve got what you need from checklists to questions answered to make sure your foundation is solid as you begin advocating for hemp for your new business venture.
Ready to Join or Learn More?
If you’re excited to be a part of the Green Compass family, then we’d love to welcome you in! To get started, click the button below.
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How We Support You
Our Advocates are the messengers, not the message. We offer a variety of training for different learning styles, so you’ll be equipped to learn, share, and grow your business at your own pace. To help you share the Green Compass message, we’ve created all the assets you’ll need so you can be confident in what you have to say.
Tools You’ll Have Access To
  • Online training meetings
  • Live monthly regional training events
  • Green Compass Facebook groups
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Social media images and assets
  • CORE Success Guide
  • Getting Started Right weekly calls
  • Leadership development programs
  • Monthly newsletter and recognition
  • Customer Service Support
  • Live national conference
  • Online resource library
Our Community Values
We stand for integrity, for quality, for clean ingredients, for community, and for family. This is The Green Compass Way.
Ready to Join or Learn More?
If you’re excited to be a part of the Green Compass family, then we’d love to welcome you in! To get started, click the button below.
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We’re on a mission to share the immense hope we found in hemp.

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